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Virtual Teams Engine
Virtual Teams Engine is an integrated system for managing projects and teams.

It is based on the building of probability communication structures and allows their identification in teams, companies, organizations, communities by using elements of intelligence built into the system.

This is realized through a platform-independent computer system created specially for the application of the concept of Virtual Team and Virtual Team Members in the fields of Project Management, Corporate Management and Institution Management.

The methodology used by the system is based on the Theory of Time, which allows the introduction of the unique functionality of the Virtual Teams Engine: it can do not only quantitative but also qualitative analysis of the information concerning a given project or team.
Virtual Teams Engine
Thanks to this the system is able to conduct an objective analysis of the project realization, accounting for each team member’s role and their influence on the development of the project at any given moment of its realization.

Thus, the fulfillment of the project is realized by the optimal scenario with minimum eventualities and critical situations which the system becomes aware of during their initial phase or even before their appearance by determining the probability of their occurrence.

The resources of the Virtual Teams Engine in addition to the capabilities of Virtual Professional Project Managers and Technical Assistants, each of them "consisting" of several "physically existing" specialists but united in one virtual person, presents the perfect solution for successful completion of projects and optimal organization of the work of teams regardless of their sphere and range of activity, dynamism and lifespan.

The system is especially strong in the case of deficit of qualified managing staff in concrete fields.

KIBERTRON Ltd offers services and products based on the current version of the system at its official website:
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