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Prototype of KIBERTRON Humanoid Robot

In the process of development...


  • height: 1.75m

  • nominal weight: 90kg

  • degrees of freedom: 100

  • feeding: autonomous, electric

  • autonomy: 12 hours of average load

  • basic senses: vestibular apparatus; vision; hearing; olfaction; sensory systems for: orientation, distance, position, illumination, touch, pressure, temperature, humidity and self-diagnosis

  • maximum speed of walking: 2 m/s

  • maximum speed of running: 4 m/s

  • intellect: similar to the human intellect, with severely limited reality of existence, through "living" in an approximated five-dimensional space

  • level of intelligence:
    zone of experimentation

  • body: kinematics, dynamics, weight-carrying capacity and resistance to external influences all similar to the human characteristics

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