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Attention! The Media Releases Mailing List is intended solely for public media. If you are not a journalist or a media representative but wish to follow the KIBERTRON news, please subscribe to the NewsLetter.

The Media Releases Mailing List enables you to receive our announcements for the public media regarding the development of the humanoid robot KIBERTRON and the rest of our projects directly into the inbox of your email address.

If you wish to subscribe please send us your subscription application by filling the supplied form. After that you will receive a confirmation email with the aim of avoiding unsolicited subscription.
The information you supply will be used solely for your subscription to the Media Releases Mailing List and will not be disclosed and will not be shared with third parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In each email message that we send you there will be an opportunity to unsubscribe from the Media Releases Mailing List.
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