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The development of the KIBERTRON Humanoid Robot is accompanied by the development and implementation of a series of new technologies and devices:

Natural Intellect (NI) Technology

This is the technology which the robot’s intellect and consciousness will be based on. This technology will govern and develop the robot’s brain which we call the Chaotic Logic Computer.

This technology’s main advantage is that it allows the creation of a real working intelligence similar to human intelligence and not just an imitation of intelligence.

We had to introduce the concept of Natural Intellect in order to distinguish it from the generally accepted concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) since the KIBERTRON Team is the only team in the world that works on the creation of an intelligence that utilizes directly the natural principles which generated human intelligence.

All other researchers in this field work on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as they call it, i.e. an "intelligence" based on binary logic and the principles of modern computers.

The Natural Intellect (NI) Technology does not use binary logic to simulate thinking. Instead, it is based on the principle that the notion of time is at the very basis of the genesis of human intelligence.

The development of this technology will lead to the creation of humanoid robots with a level of intelligence comparable to the level of human intelligence. At that, it will be possible to have devices similar to the Chaotic Logic Computer built into other devices and appliances, thus "giving" them intelligence.

The relation between the nature of time and the nature of reason is the foundation of the KIBERTRON Humanoid Robot’s intelligence.

The robot’s intelligence will work just like our reasoning works, chaotically, but structuring the chaos by the means of its perceptions, using a completely probability-based picture of the world around.

The robot’s perception of time will be similar to the human one: it is influenced by emotions and that is reflected in its ways of perception and analysis.

Chaotic Logic Computer

The robot’s brain, governed and developed by the Natural Intellect (NI) Technology, will consist of a device which we called the Chaotic Logic Computer.

It is a new type of device, in which there will be no conventional microprocessors and elements, but direct estimation of the probability will be employed through utilizing the physical processes taking place in different materials.

This new device will allow to be directly constructed probabilistic communication structures (reflects) and will allow approximation of the five-dimensional space and the robot can be correctly integrated in it.

The Chaotic Logic Computer will be based on the meta-mathematics which is not using numbers or usual arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

It will operate with "similar objects", which can’t be described with numbers but which are the the source for the concept for the numbers.

Orientation and Positioning Technology

The Orientation and Positioning Technology will be based on a method of structuring and integration of the humanoid robot’s body in the five-dimensional reality, space-time-probability, as the robot’s consciousness will be self-adapting to the material environment which the robot will structure and control just like humans do in their everyday lives.

This technology will enable the robot to move its body through space keeping its centre of gravity stable and adapt to changes in the environment.

A major advantage of this technology is that it will allow every movement to be optimized according to each one of the factors that influence it. It will also be possible to prioritize any of them if the aim is to modify the dynamics or some other criteria for the particular movement.

This technology will allow the robot to take in its hands and move in space different similar objects without having to be taught separately how to hold each one of them. For example, if the robot is taught how to hold a glass, then it will be able to hold effortlessly different glasses and even bottles whose shapes are similar to the shape of the glass and manipulate with them in space using the rest of its body. Of course, the movement for a task is achieved through self-teaching on the basis of the accumulated experience, just like with people.

Walking Technology

This technology uses the probability-based communication model of the respective body generated on the basis of the capability of the intellect to structure and integrate all its constituting elements, knots and systems and to work directly with the Orientation and Positioning Technology. The Walking Technology does not make use of "hard" mathematical algorithms.

The uniqueness of the method used here is that the created technology is trained to serve the respective body and can deal with crisis situations like an abrupt change of the centre of gravity or a change in the structure and the weight of the body due to the losing of a limb or adding some kind of load.

This technology will be critically important for the KIBERTRON robot because it will enable the robot to move effectively in space by the means of the limbs designed for this purpose, namely the legs.

There is no known analogue to the Walking Technology developed by the KIBERTRON Team. Currently, the best scientific achievement in this field, apart from our team’s work, is the Zero Moment Point (ZMP) technology but it is not analogous to the method of human walking and most of the problems its developer face ensue from this.

Unlike ZMP, the Walking Technology will allow the KIBERTRON robot to walk by the means of its two legs at a speed comparable to the human one, to sit, to run, to stand up starting from different positions of the body, to navigate through various terrains, securing its stability regardless of the changes in the environment and inside the body, thus demonstrating its unique capability to deal with crisis situations.

Discerning and Producing of Human Speech Technology

This technology uses the probability-based communication structure of the language used. By the means of this technology the robot will be able to learn and speak the languages used by people for communication.


It will operate through the probability-based reality which will be used by the robot’s intelligence.

It will enable the robot to discern stationary and moving objects, just like people do, and to determine their basic characteristics like shape, size, material, colour, nuances, peculiarities, number, distance, position.

This will permit the robot to behave adequately in its environment and will enable it to learn by observing and repeating concrete actions.

Apart from the innovations regarding the KIBERTRON robot described so far, the usage and development of a methodology based on the Theory of Time leads to the development and implementation of additional innovative technologies that match the technologies directly involved with the humanoid robot in importance and potential. One of them is

Virtual Teams Engine

Virtual Teams Engine is an integrated system for managing projects and teams.

It is based on the building of probability communication structures and allows their identification in teams, companies, organizations, communities by using elements of intelligence built into the system.

This is realized through a platform-independent computer system created specially for the application of the concept of Virtual Team and Virtual Team Members in the fields of Project Management, Corporate Management and Institution Management.

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