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KIBERTRON Ltd is a Bulgarian innovation company focused on scientific research, development and consulting activity in the fields of cybernetics, robotics, nature of time and management of projects and teams.

Our primary aim is creation of a humanoid robot possessing intelligence, autonomy, body structure and size, kinematics and dynamics similar to those of the human being.
Our Team is growing constantly, getting better and richer, in response to the new challenges that materialize before us:
  • during the different phases of the robot’s development;
  • with the development and implementation of a methodology based on the Theory of Time in different spheres of human knowledge;
  • with the fulfillment of accompanying projects related to the development and the introduction of innovative technologies and products aiding the integration of human society.
Although the Project started in Bulgaria – the homeland of most of our team members, KIBERTRON is an international project. The KIBERTRON Idea is not limited by nationality, religion, age or any other social sign. It is an open to every one which will is to develop himself.

If you think that we share common principles and ideas and wish to join our team, do not hesitate to contact us.
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