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KIBERTRON is a project for research, developing, design and construction of a humanoid robot, which shall have an intellect, autonomy, structure, dimensions, kinematics and dynamics similar to those of the human being.

Project beginning was on September 27th 2002 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, by Ahmed Merchev who started to discuss the project in Internet with interlocutors in internet forums and in the Technical University of Sofia. That day the name KIBERTRON has been finally decided by Ahmed to be the name for the robot. On October 15th 2002 the domain has been registered and on March 10th 2003 KIBERTRON team has been formed.

During the years passed the idea of KIBERTRON become more precise, it develop and become real and even went much more far than it was expected initially as value, perspectives, applications and development.

In the very beginning of the project, the main target was set – we did not want to create the next "expensive toy" for amusement and hobby but to create a humanoid robot with proved and obvious intelligence.

In order to implement the project on March 11th 2004, the company KIBERTRON Ltd has been registered in Sofia.

The project team is continuously growing and gets better as expertise and talented members. Although the Project started in Bulgaria – the homeland of most of our team members, KIBERTRON is an international project. The KIBERTRON Idea is not limited by nationality, religion, age or any other social sign. It is an open to every one which will is to develop himself.
KIBERTRON Humanoid Robot
The name KIBERTRON refers to several different entities:
  • the KIBERTRON Project, which is the main centre any collaboration or strategic cooperation can ensue from;
  • the KIBERTRON Humanoid Robot, that is being developed under the project;
  • the KIBERTRON Team, that develops the robot;
  • the KIBERTRON Community, that supports and popularizes the project;
  • the KIBERTRON Company, which represents legally and protects the interests of the project and the team.
All this gradually lead to forming the KIBERTRON Network, that consists of all who assist and participate in the development, presentation and popularization of the KIBERTRON creations.

In the process of developing the concept of KIBERTRON we face the need of creation our own approach to overcome a lot fundamental problems, which made impossible before to even to get closer or address the creation of intelligent humanoid robots.

The new approach led us to the decision to accept the methodology based on the assumption that the realization by the human of the nature of time is the core of the human thinking and that such a concept allows to be built the robot’s consciousness. This assumption follows by the Theory of Time developed by one of the members of the KIBERTRON Team, Mr. Boris Dichev.

In the Theory of Time the notion of the world is like a five dimensional reality where the probability is considered as 5th dimension and is an independent dimension but not function of time and space.

From this point of view the intellect of the robot is a "natural intellect" which continuously evaluates not only his position in the space and time, but also his "probability" position in the 5th dimension. In fact it was necessary to develop a technology, which we called Natural Intellect (NI), which will allow creating the intelligence of the robot in the same way as the Nature created the human intellect – gradual development of the intelligence with the growing of the human constitution.

The KIBERTRON’s brain will be built by a new device in which will be no conventional microprocessors and elements, but will used direct estimation of the probability through utilizing the physical processes taking place in different materials. This new device will allow to be directly constructed probabilistic communication structures (reflects) and will allow approximation of the five-dimensional space and the robot can be correctly integrated in it.

The new device named Chaotic Logic Computer will be based on the meta-mathematics which is not using numbers or usual arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

It will operate with "similar objects", which can’t be described with numbers but which are the the source for the concept for the numbers.

We understand that such approach is very revolutionary but it allows to us to tell that it seems that the KIBERTRON team is the only one in the world which is developing intellect for a humanoid robot which is not based on the binary logic and the modern electronics of the modern computers.

The peculiar in such approach is that the Theory of Time is a kind of General Unification Theory and it is working on all levels of organization of the material and non-material systems and do not depend of the type of such systems – technical, biologic, social etc. Because of this KIBERTRON will be entirely integrated on all its structural levels system, which will be a natural extension of the human society and will not create conflicts with human beings.

What is surprising is that such integration proves the laws of robotics developed by the well known writer and scientist Isaac Asimov – and especially the law that do not allow the robot to harm a human.

In the core of the robot control is the probabilistic communication structure of the robot, which is integrated into the 5-Dimensional space (the 5-D reality) where he "lives". In this way is achieved the development of the robot consciousness – from the childish notions of the kid for its world he lives in to the notion of a mature person taking into account the experience of its interaction with the reality.

Practically for the first time it is introduced a model of the human thinking, which is using essentially the interaction between the chaos in the matter and the structuring of such chaos by discovering and utilizing the probabilistic communication structure of the same matter. Such approach has a deep relation with the explanation of the development of the Nature in general and the appearance of the matter and such fundamental approach makes it universal and valuable for the human knowledge.

After the KIBERTRON design and development is completed, it will be constructed and trained. The training process will allow to unique experiments for the nature of the human thinking to be performed.

The consciousness of KIBERTRON will be self adapting to the material environment, which environment the robot will structure and control, as the human doing in his daily live.

Our ambition is the first KIBERTRON prototype after its training to prove the presence of intelligence.

The results from the first KIBERTRON prototype will help the development of prototypes, which will have more advanced body, which can satisfy the needs of the developing intellect and at the end to allow level of consciousness enough for integration of the robot in the human society.

Like the human KIBERTRON will have similar to the human senses and emotions, which will be needed in order to be trained and integrate in the human society.

KIBERTRON will be not dangerous for the human civilization, because we can the Theory of Time allows to be embedded control on the robot behavior on the base of a rule, which will not allow decreasing of the communication integrity in the environment where the robot works and which by a very simple formalization embedded in its consciousness will not allow any aggressive actions against a human, because will decrease the communication integrity of the Reality where KIBERTRON "lives".

The main target of KIBERTRON Ltd is to develop prototypes, which can be used as a prove and base for evaluation of the moral and economical vitality and feasibility for industrial manufacturing of intelligent humanoid robots.
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