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KIBERTRON Ltd is a Bulgarian innovation company registered on March 11th 2004 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria whose purpose is the realization of the KIBERTRON Project which started on September 27th 2002 and whose aim is the development of an intelligent humanoid robot called KIBERTRON.

Pursuing the aim our team has focused on scientific research, development and consulting activity in the fields of cybernetics, robotics, nature of time and management of projects and teams.


Fulfillment of the KIBERTRON Project:
  • creation of a humanoid robot possessing intelligence, autonomy, body structure and size, kinematics and dynamics similar to those of the human being

  • development of prototypes that can serve as evidence and a basis for assessment of the moral justification and the economic effects of the industrial production of intelligent humanoid robots

  • Activities focusing on projects bringing about a higher degree of integration of society

  • Development and implementation of innovative technologies



"The way has one direction only – The Future..."
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