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The present Privacy Policy explains how KIBERTRON Ltd uses the information collected for you, when you use the services of the site of KIBERTRON Ltd and the system which it is based on, provided from KIBERTRON Ltd by some of our products and tools and/or websites, available in the internet space at the following main addresses (domains):

including all their subdomains, and also the sites of the clients and the partners of KIBERTRON Ltd, of which KIBERTRON Ltd is developed and placed at their disposal a site, based on the site of KIBERTRON Ltd.

The KIBERTRON Site and the system which it is based on, including also without limitations the entire system contents, software, hardware and services are developed by KIBERTRON Ltd and are property of KIBERTRON Ltd, except if else is mentioned specifically.

In the present document and in all other documents related to it, for better convenience, when the case in point is for the site of KIBERTRON Ltd and for web sites which are based on it, the following abbreviations will be used: "the KIBERTRON Site".

KIBERTRON Ltd understands and respects your concerns about privacy. At the same time, we do ask that you provide information about yourself in order for us to understand your needs better and make your experience at the KIBERTRON Site more valuable to you. We created this Privacy Policy, to provide you with notice of what information the KIBERTRON Site may collect, how such information may be used or shared with third parties, and how such information relates to the operation of the the KIBERTRON Site. This Privacy Policy is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use (the "TCU") published in the KIBERTRON Site, including the provisions regarding change or modification of this Privacy Policy and other policies as set forth in the TCU. You are responsible for checking this page periodically for changes and updates of the Privacy Policy. Your use of the KIBERTRON Site following any published changes to the present Privacy Policy will be deemed an acceptance of such changes. This Privacy Policy is part of, and incorporated into, the TCU.

By providing any personal information in the KIBERTRON Site, you fully understand and unambiguously consent to the collection and processing of such information in Bulgaria and/or any other country.

This Privacy Policy explains:
  1. what personally identifiable information KIBERTRON Ltd collects from you, and how KIBERTRON Ltd uses the information;
  2. with whom your information may be shared;
  3. what choices you have regarding the collection, use and distribution of your information;
  4. what "cookies" are, and how the KIBERTRON Site uses them;
  5. how your personal information is being protected;
  6. how you can access, update or delete your information;
  7. what else you should know about your on-line presence in the KIBERTRON Site;
  8. how you can contact us.
1. What personally identifiable information KIBERTRON Ltd collects from you, and how KIBERTRON Ltd uses the information

KIBERTRON Ltd collects and stores personal information in several ways at different parts of the KIBERTRON Site. This information may include your legal name, email address, age, gender, address, telephone number(s), areas of interest, financial information, User ID, User Password and other self-identifying information. We collect this information in order to provide you with our services more easily, and in a more comfortable way for you. We may make accessible for you, for free or with charge, Virtual Teams Project Environment (Environment for Virtual Teams Management), consisting Billboards, Discussion Forums, Chat Channels, Tool for personal messages, Library and several other tools. If you choose to voluntarily disclose certain information on any such area of the KIBERTRON Site, this Privacy Policy will not cover such disclosure of information. We urge exercising caution when disclosing information in the different KIBERTRON Site areas.

KIBERTRON Ltd also may request certain information using on-line order forms for products and services. On these forms, we may require contact information, financial information, demographic information, method of payment and, if applicable, a credit or debit card number. We may also collect information about you in surveys or information about the searches you perform and the pages you visit on the KIBERTRON Site. KIBERTRON Ltd may also record and make anonymous statistics of the visited pages, the used resources, the sent emails and the used links, so that we may use such information to better personalize the KIBERTRON Site and its fit to the relevant user. All such information will be protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may also automatically collect your Internet Protocol address and additional data, according to your system and connection to the KIBERTRON Site, to help finding out any problems occurred in using the KIBERTRON Site, and also for system administration. KIBERTRON Ltd reserves the right to request any additional information necessary to establish and maintain your KIBERTRON Site account.

KIBERTRON Ltd uses the information collected from you in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The information collected is used for improvement of your work in the KIBERTRON Site. We also show you content that we think will be interesting to you, and display content according to the preferences you indicate while you use the KIBERTRON Site. KIBERTRON Ltd may use your information to send you promotional materials about the KIBERTRON Site and iour partners. We may also contact you, if necessary.

2. With whom your information may be shared

KIBERTRON Ltd will not sell, rent or barter your personal information to others. In order to ensure partner services and to improve the quality of the provided services, we may share your information with our partners, but only with you explicit written agreement. We may generalize statistic information about our clients, the traffic and the use of the KIBERTRON Site or to sell our researches, which may contain generalized information. In addition, we may submit generalized information to our advertisers. Such generalized information will not identify any user in particular.

We reserve the right to disclose any information if such action is necessary (a) to conform to the requirements of the law or to comply with legal process or subpoena, (b) to protect and defend the legal rights or property of KIBERTRON Ltd, the KIBERTRON site itself or its users, or (c) in an emergency, to protect the health and safety of its users or the general public. We further reserve the right to release any information concerning any user if that user participates (or is reasonably suspected of participating) in any illegal activity, even without a subpoena, warrant, or other court order. We reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and executor officers in identifying those who may be using our servers or services for illegal activities. We also reserve the right to report any suspected illegal activity to the respective authorities.

It is possible that KIBERTRON Ltd, its subsidiaries, its joint ventures, or any combination of such, could merge with or be economically and legally "absorbed" by another business entity. Should such a combination occur, you should expect that KIBERTRON Ltd would share some or all of your information in order to continue to provide the service. Notice of any such event (to the extent it occurs) will be published on the KIBERTRON site and will require that the new combined entity follow the practices disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

3. What choices you have regarding the collection, use and distribution of your information

You may occasionally receive information about the products or services you have selected to place on your personal KIBERTRON Site pages, which may include products and services of KIBERTRON Ltd, and products and services of our partners (for purposes of this Privacy Policy, "partners" includes, in addition to third parties with whom KIBERTRON Ltd has partnership agreements or other business relationship or alliance and joint web sites). KIBERTRON Ltd believes that these messages are interesting and informative.

Using the KIBERTRON Site, you may be placed on our mailing list. In every message that we send, we will include an option to discontinue receipt of future messages. KIBERTRON Ltd reserves the right to refuse registration and activities in the KIBERTRON Site to those who accept our Privacy Policy and to those who provide the requested information.

4. What "cookies" are, and how the KIBERTRON Site uses them

As part of offering and providing personalized services, the KIBERTRON Site uses "cookies" to store and sometimes track information about you. A "cookie" is a small amount of data that is transferred to your computer's hard drive. All parts of the KIBERTRON Site that prompt you to register or that are customizable require that you accept "cookies". No other company has access to "cookies" placed on your computer by the KIBERTRON Site. We use "cookies" technology to reduce the time required for you to submit your requests and for the KIBERTRON Site - to respond to such requests. "Cookies" will not be used by us to retrieve any information about you, or from your computer, that you have not voluntarily given to us. "Cookies" may also be placed on your computer when you link from the KIBERTRON Site to our partners' web sites or when you click banner ads. "Cookies" placed on your computer by third parties by or through the KIBERTRON Site, if any, are not responsibility of KIBERTRON Ltd and are not subject to our TCU. Please contact the third party placing these "cookies" to find out what information is collected and how it is used. Most browsers are initially set up to accept "cookies". You can edit your browser not to accept "cookies", but this way the KIBERTRON Site may not function properly.

5. How your personal information is being protected

For all our actions, we use new and adequate Internet security methods and technologies. Where appropriate, we password protect, use encryption techniques and install firewalls. We strive to protect you. We encourage our participating service providers to adopt and honor their own consumer privacy policies. Despite all our efforts, no system can be guaranteed. We cannot ensure the entire security of any information that you transmit to us, or that we transmit to you, or guarantee that it will be free from unauthorized access by third parties. Once we receive your information, we use reasonable efforts to ensure its security on our systems.

6. How you can access, update or delete your information

As part of your use of the KIBERTRON Site, you are responsible for maintaining and updating your User Data, which should contain accurate and complete information. You may view, update and/or edit your User Data by logging in to your account and following the appropriate instructions in the User Menu, submenu Personal Information.

7. What else you should know about your on-line presence in the KIBERTRON Site

The KIBERTRON Site may also contain links to other web sites and advertisements. The privacy policies of those web sites and advertisers may significantly differ from that of the KIBERTRON Site. If you want to acknowledge one of them, it is your responsibility to contact the particular operator or advertiser directly.

8. How you can contact us

Any questions about our Privacy Policy, the KIBERTRON Site applications or your activity in the KIBERTRON Site, should be directed to KIBERTRON Ltd:
    By mail    
Bulgaria, 2937 Slashten
28, Democracy Street
    By Phone    
+359 88 345 0 667
    By email

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