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KIBERTRON is a project for research, developing, design and construction of a humanoid robot, which shall have an intellect, autonomy, structure, dimensions, kinematics and dynamics similar to those of the human being.

The current prototype of the robot KIBERTRON has a height of 1.75m, weight 90kg and has 100 degrees of freedom.

Project beginning was on September 27th 2002 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, by Ahmed Merchev. In order to implement the project, on March 10th 2003 KIBERTRON team has been formed, and on March 11th 2004, the company KIBERTRON Ltd has been registered.

For the development of the robot, is used a methodology based on Theory of Time.

In the Theory of Time the notion of the world is like a five dimensional reality where the probability is considered as 5th dimension and is an independent dimension but not function of time and space.

From this point of view the intellect of the robot KIBERTRON is a "natural intellect" which continuously evaluates not only his position in the space and time, but also his "probability" position in the 5th dimension. In fact it was necessary to develop a technology, which we called Natural Intellect (NI), which will allow creating the intelligence of the robot in the same way as the Nature created the human intellect – gradual development of the intelligence with the growing of the human constitution.

The KIBERTRON’s brain will be built by a new device in which will be no conventional microprocessors and elements, but will used direct estimation of the probability through utilizing the physical processes taking place in different materials. This new device will allow to be directly constructed probabilistic communication structures (reflects) and will allow approximation of the five-dimensional space and the robot can be correctly integrated in it.

The new device named Chaotic Logic Computer will be based on the meta-mathematics which is not using numbers or usual arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It will operate with "similar objects", which can’t be described with numbers but which are the the source for the concept for the numbers.

We understand that such approach is very revolutionary but it allows to us to tell that it seems that the KIBERTRON team is the only one in the world which is developing intellect for a humanoid robot which is not based on the binary logic and the modern electronics of the modern computers.

After John Atanasoff created the first electronic computer, based on the binary logic, today the KIBERTRON team is on its way to create the first intelligent robot, based not on the binary logic, but on a computer with chaotic logic.
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